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Supersmile Professional Series II LS45 Advanced Sonic Pulse Electric Toothbrush Electric Toothbrush Review

I own two of these and love them. The brush is very effective and I think the Supersmile company is very innovative. The last one I had lasted 3 years before the battery stopped recharging but I immediately ordered a new one as I think it is my favorite electric toothbrush ever.

Product Details

  • 30,000 advanced sonic strokes per minute ?the 30,000 advanced sonic strokes provide superior whitening while cleaning beneath the gum line and polishing the tooth enamel
  • Interchangeable brush heads with 45 degree angled bristles brush heads have soft, rounded nylon bristles to help guarantee that the ada recommended
  • 2 minute automatic shut off ?2-minute auto-timer helps ensure dental professional recommended brushing time

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Cybersonic 3 AKA Sonic 1 Plus 4 Extra Brush Heads for the Fastest Electronic Electric Toothbrush Oral Care System. Retails 110.95! Review

I bought my Cyber 3 brush a couple of months ago, right after my dentist appointment for cleaning. They sold and recommended a Sonicare at their cost of $115.00, I looked this one up on line and at 1/2 the cost (at the time) I went this route. My teeth feel as good and clean as they did the day I left the dentist office cleaning. It is terrific, I have recommended one for my son-in-law, who has since gotten his. He is also quite pleased with his new Cyber 3.

Product Details

  • 45,000 strokes per minute
  • New compact dome base
  • Detachable accessory holder
  • Newly-designed tongue cleaner
  • Standard and deluxe brush heads That means with our 4 Extra brushes (6 TOTAL), you don’t have to buy brush heads for 1 and 12 Years

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Sonicare Flexcare Sonic Electric Toothbrush HX6932-10 Review

First of all let me say I bought this to replace one of those manual toothbrushes that have a battery and vibrate. That just wasn’t cutting it. I was recommended by a dentist to get a Sonicare brush. Several years ago I had a first generation Sonicare toothbrush, which I liked. It eventually wore out and I never got another one, I just went back to the manual brushes (mainly due to cost). Well now that I have this I will never go back again. I will note some of the differences I’ve seen between my old first gen Sonicare brush: The handle is significantly more compact. They redesigned the attachment point for the brush head so crud doesn’t get in and stay at the contact point. The brush heads are more nimble and don’t have the separate flap on top. The charger base doesn’t accumulate water and is smaller. There are more brushing modes to choose from (actually I think my old brush only had one, this has 5).

This comes with the main charging base with the UV sanitizer, a travel charge base, two brush heads (one regular, one compact), the actual brush base, some colored rings for the brush heads, and a travel pouch. I really like the 3 minute max care routine. The UV light is neat and simple to use. After you’re done brushing, remove the brush head and put it in the compartment. Close the door and push the button, and it will be done in 10 minutes.

My mouth feels absolutely clean with this brush and I recommend it!

Product Description

Innovative technology delivers better results. Now there’s a guaranteed way to better…

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Blue SONIC Electric Toothbrush with UV Light 32,000 Strokes Per Minute Review

My teeth feel soooo clean when I brush with this. I would recommend it to everyone. Could never go back to my old one.

Product Details

  • 30,000 powerful sonic strokes per minute
  • Utilizes germicidal UV bulb to kill over 99.9% bacterium
  • Powerful plaque remover where normal bristles can not reach
  • 3 operation modes (normal, soft, and massage) with LED indicator
  • Waterproof design

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Emmi-dent 6 100% Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush Review

I had been using the high-end Sonicare toothbrush for at least 5 to 6 years. It was the best toothbrush I had ever used, until this one. I brush twice a day, use the Oral-breeze water pick (everyone should own one of these), and also floss in the mornings. I still get cavities, not many, but I think I have had 2 over the last 5 to 6 years. So I took a leap and bought this after seeing an interview on Foxnews and then reading about it on their website. This toothbrush is fantastic. It took about a week of use and it had removed the stains in the bottom front teeth from coffee/tea. It has been several months since my last cleaning, and I found some small amounts of tarter on the inside of my bottom front teeth. After about a week, I picked at that tarter and it just popped off, no kidding. They put a motor in the toothbrush so it vibrates because apparently it does not make any noise or movement when utrasonically cleaning. So the motor lets you know it is on. It takes longer then they say to clean your teeth with the brush, but I don’t care. I am not sure of how much overlap is necessary so I am probably wasting time because of that. I have developed a couple of techniques which seem to help. You generate a lot of saliva during brushing, so I point my mouth down into the sink and just let it drain. I do the bottom teeth first because that is where most of the saliva seems to be and it waters down the toothpaste. The toothpaste claims to aid in micro bubbles and it is not supposed to have any abrasive cleaner in it. It definitely bubbles up and foams. I also started rocking the toothbrush back and forth at each spot as if I was rolling around each molar and tooth a bit. The ultrasound transfers to the teeth via the bristles, so I figure the more places that make contact the better. It is removing (slowly) deep yellow stains from in between my molars and that is amazing as I am sure I have had these stains for the last 30 to 40 years. I point the brush slightly toward the gums as well to make sure the ultrasound is being somewhat into the gums. Of course I am not sure if any of these things are necessary, but I am very, very pleased with the results of this toothbrush.

The brushes are supposed to be replaced every 3 months and they are not real cheap, although you can get them in a 10 pack. But they are not as expensive as Sonicare replacement brushes, and I believe Sonicare tells you to replace your brush every 3 months.

The ultrasound is supposed to kill the bacteria and in fact on a regular toothbrush, the bacteria lives on your brush even in between cleanings so you think you are removing them and then you simply add them back when you brush the next time. Emmi-dent goes out of their way to tell you to leave the brush ON the whole time you have the brush in your mouth and to turn it on BEFORE you put it in your mouth, and to NOT turn it off until after you have rinsed it and are done. This is to make sure that bacteria does not live on the brush. I believe that the ultrasound’s ability to kill bacteria on the brush and in your mouth, under the gum, and inbetween your teeth you you cannot possible get a toothbrush, is probably the BIGGEST benefit of this toothbrush. They say you can even use it to kill bacteria in a sore in your mouth simply by holding the brush against the sore.

The tube of toothpaste only comes in one size and I think I am only going to get 5 to 6 weeks out of it. I brush twice a day and use the amount they say, which is “about the size of two small peas”. Regular toothpaste is not recommended, because according to Emmi-dent, regular toothpaste will not foam up and create micro-bubbles and it also has about 75% abrasive cleaner in it. Emmi-dent toothpaste has no abrasive cleaner in it, or very, very little.

Followup after 2.5 months of use:
The refill size of toothpaste is larger then the one that comes with the toothbrush, so that is good news and it should last a bit longer then I thought. The toothbrush is addicting and it does a most incredible job. There are some old stains between some of my upper teeth that have been around for as long as I can remember. These are slowly going away. The ones on the bottom of my front teeth, were cleared up quickly and I drink a cup of coffee every morning so the toothbrush must keep up! It takes a lot longer to do a thorough job of cleaning your teeth, but I have no issues doing it. You do drool like you would in a dentist office so you should plan on leaning over the sink and just let it drain on it’s own. My teeth feel cleaner then they have ever felt. I go to get my regular cleaning in a couple of weeks and I will post what the hygienist has say about my teeth….

Followup after first checkup, at about 2.8 months of use:
Inconclusive, to me anyway. My gums got a 5 thumbs up, they were very healthy. There was still some tartar on the inside and outside of the bottom front and back teeth. I was never able to completely clear up the staining and that appeared to be where the tartar was. The hygienist was very impressed and said she thought the new tooth brush did a great job. I was just hoping for a “AMAZING” from her. She did say that a better test would be the next time, with me using it from day one, after a thorough cleaning. I had almost 4 months between when my last cleaning and when I started using the new brush. My hygienist kept asking me “So how do your teeth feel after you use it?” That seemed to be the key for her. My teeth have never felt cleaner!

New summary: I am not going back to my Sonicare, and I still feel this is the best toothbrush I have ever used. Maybe I will get an “AMAZING” 6 months from now. We shall see.

Product Details

  • In comparison to other toothbrushes, Emmi-dent Ultrasound destroys bacteria and germs in the most difficult to reach areas where bristles and floss can’t reach.. – up to 12 mm deep inside the tissue, protecting your teeth, gums, roots and implants.
  • Emmi-dent is the NO-BRUSHING TOOTHBRUSH INNOVATION that uses 100% ultrasound to clean, no brushing = no pain for sensitive teeth or receding gums.
  • Brighten your teeth without bleaching! or harsh chemicals! Nano-bubbles and ultrasound remove everyday stains (coffee, tea, smoking and wine) within a few days.
  • Periodontal issues don’t stand a change when you combine TheraSol Rinse with this dynamic toothbrush delivery system.
  • Upto 96 Million Oscillations per Minutes

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